Monday, July 20, 2009

Building up!

if you've been following the development of the website, you know that it's going through a growing phase, linking sections, building new sections, and tweaking everything until it's juuuust right. Oh, and fixing typos!

A cursory check of the site might not lead you to all of the nooks and crannies that are now part of So how 'bout we take a short tour? :)

First, we have the Etsy Shop. Here, we currently have a couple of listings from founding members. Each member will be able to have a couple of listings in the Etsy Shop that will redirect to their Etsy shop directly. Another great way to get people into your shop!

Next we have a Meet the Team section. Each category will have their own, customizable page where they can put up a photo gallery, their category requirements, special team promotions, etc. There will also be a team directory where people can look for organic sellers in particular categories and find all of the information they need to know. This section will also have 'spotlights' on team members and team categories. These interviews and write-ups will be featured on the blog, as well.

Our For Members section is dedicated to EOT members' needs. We have a section where members will be able to check out and pay their membership dues -- the money directly being deposited into the team treasury. There are also forums where team members can chat, discuss promotions, work out category issues, and generally be a team.

One of the issues with the past forum set up was members not wanting to visit another website each day. Now, members will be able to subscribe and respond through email. Stickies will keep important information to the top, and the divisions will make pertinent information easier to find. Or so we hope!

There is also a new, organic reference and resource section. This is handy for non-members, as well, so feel free to share your favorite organic link!

Make sure to check around the website and see all of these nifty features yourself!