Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come see our new home!

The EtsyOrganicTeam is back and open for business. We're accepting applications.

You can find all of the info at

Come join us and help share the organic mission!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Building up!

if you've been following the development of the website, you know that it's going through a growing phase, linking sections, building new sections, and tweaking everything until it's juuuust right. Oh, and fixing typos!

A cursory check of the site might not lead you to all of the nooks and crannies that are now part of So how 'bout we take a short tour? :)

First, we have the Etsy Shop. Here, we currently have a couple of listings from founding members. Each member will be able to have a couple of listings in the Etsy Shop that will redirect to their Etsy shop directly. Another great way to get people into your shop!

Next we have a Meet the Team section. Each category will have their own, customizable page where they can put up a photo gallery, their category requirements, special team promotions, etc. There will also be a team directory where people can look for organic sellers in particular categories and find all of the information they need to know. This section will also have 'spotlights' on team members and team categories. These interviews and write-ups will be featured on the blog, as well.

Our For Members section is dedicated to EOT members' needs. We have a section where members will be able to check out and pay their membership dues -- the money directly being deposited into the team treasury. There are also forums where team members can chat, discuss promotions, work out category issues, and generally be a team.

One of the issues with the past forum set up was members not wanting to visit another website each day. Now, members will be able to subscribe and respond through email. Stickies will keep important information to the top, and the divisions will make pertinent information easier to find. Or so we hope!

There is also a new, organic reference and resource section. This is handy for non-members, as well, so feel free to share your favorite organic link!

Make sure to check around the website and see all of these nifty features yourself!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Shop Name: WindyHillFibers

A Little About You: My name is Christine Vivian, and I live on six acres in Iowa farm country with my husband and a number of (formerly) stray cats who adopted us. I was diagnosed with lupus in late 2000, and my business evolved from the process of learning to live with the subsequent changes in my life.. Since I had always been interested in the fiber arts, my business naturally developed from what had previously been a hobby. Having my own business allows me to work when I want, and to rest when I need to, which is important when living with a chronic illness.

A Little About Your Products:
I create clothing and accessories from natural materials,
including organic fabrics, natural fibers, and all-natural colorants. I love historical and vintage clothing, so my clothes are inspired by the clothing of previous eras, but I try to make the styles appropriate for a modern woman. I want my customers to feel good in my clothes, so I always keep design and comfort in mind. Because many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, women have a chance to purchase something that is truly unique.

What about the organic mission inspires you? Having grown up in a home with a huge backyard, I have a well-developed affection for nature. I believe we must respect our ecosystem and all the creatures that share it with us. My husband and I try to live a green life by eating organic food, growing our own organic fruit and produce, and trying to be energy-conscious.. Every time I am out in the yard, I see something in nature that amazes me, even if it’s something as simple as the way a pea plant curls around the trellis, and this reminds me of how important it is to preserve all the diversity of life on our planet. My business reflects this commitment to the planet, which is why I use organic fabrics and natural dyes. I want to bring my customers clothing and accessories that are eco-friendly in multiple ways, that are as "green" as possible, and that are good for them and the planet.

I recently wrote a post for my blog detailing all my efforts to make my business as eco-friendly as possible, and you can read it at:

What’s your current project? I am currently working on transitioning to an all-organic product line, while working more with natural colorants, such as plant dyes and earth extracts. While I do enjoy some aspects of summer, my favorite season is autumn, so I am already planning my fall line, which will be all organic.

Where Can Your Products Be Found? My clothing and accessories are available through my Etsy

Blog: and
Twitter :

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Team Member Special

All my Mama Love gift sets are on sale -- this week only -- for 30-40% off! Mama Love perfumes are all natural and, depending on which one, 98-100% organic. Great for Mother's Day and other gift-giving occasions or use them for yourself. Mama Love combines the emotionally uplifting and healing properties of flower essences and aromatherapy with principles of fine perfume making... but you won't impact a room (or other people) when you walk in. They're made to be USED by the body. Made to aromatherapy standards and designed for issues like "Releasing Worry and Fear", "Doing New Things with Confidence," "Attracting a Partner," and many others, they work by changing how you feel from the inside out.

Smelling good makes healing fun! And an opportunity to buy them at such deep discounts won't come along all the time! So take advantage of this chance now and get several for all the people on your gift-giving list. Visit the Mama Love shop! Check out the SPECIAL SALE section now through April 26.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ecofriendly Easter Egg Dying

by Jo Cullumbine of greensprings0

The whole family is coming for Easter Brunch along with our extended family. It is snowing right now so I hope it clears up by Sunday for our annual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. My daughter will be bring her organic chicken and duck eggs, which we will dye with pieces of old silk ties. It is super easy and so eco-friendly. I use old silk ties that my husband no longer wears and cut a piece of the tie big enough to wrap around the egg. You can find silk ties at thrift stores or the Free Box.

Then cover the egg with a piece of cotton material. I use cut up old sheets. Once all the fabric is wrapped around the eggs I secure with a twist tie and place them in a pan full of cold water with a heaping tablespoon of vinegar and boil as usual. When you remove the fabric you will be left with beautiful unique colored and patterned eggs. Try it; the kids love it! I got this idea from an old Martha Stewart Magazine.

Then, we have a treasure hunt with lots of clues and my husband hides the eggs in our woods (we rope off an area). The golden egg which we make from a yellow or gold tie will be well hidden as usual so the adults can have fun helping the little ones search. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vote for EOT Etsy's Beauty Best Bets

Rock the vote for Etsy Organic Team members!!

The Storque's latest poll is in the Bath & Body Category and TWO of our members have been nominated as contenders for Etsy's
Beauty Best Bets!!

EtsyOrganicTeam congratulates mmmmhandmadesoap & SpaGoddess for being 2 out of 60 Etsy sellers in this contest!!

While we know EOT bath & body members have passed strict ecological guidelines to become part of our group, here's a bit more on these eco-fabulous sellers....

SpaGoddess creates aromatherapy spa products & organic facial care for Angel Face Botanicals using the incredible healing powers of essential oils in her products. Made with love, you can feel their magical botanical energies further enhanced with your heartfelt belief & positive affirmations.

mmmmhandmadesoap makes luxurious handmade bath and beauty products, gentle on the most sensitive skins and with ethics gentle on the most sensitive souls. And a little congratulations to Mmmm...Joanne for the birth of her gorgeous baby boy last week.

Do Your Part & VOTE for Organics!
Surely our Eco-friendly members will rise to the top!!

Voting ends 3/2/09.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Shop Name: Herb Friend’s Shoppe

A little about you:
My husband and I own a small herb nursery and pecan business called Gabrielle Acres Farm. My interest in herbs began many years ago and has grown constantly. I love nature and natural things and have always had a great interest in soapmaking. Four years ago, after an accident at our local farmers’ market, I begin to realize how important it is in life to accomplish the things that you dream about. I began my soapmaking career using organically grown herbs in my soaps.

A little about your products:
My soaps are made with the finest vegatable oils and butters with an interest in using more that are certified organic. All herbs are grown organically. During the summer months, we follow organic methods in growing vegtables. I love making my cucumber mint soap with my fresh cucumbers from our garden.

I also love to infuse my herbs in oils and use these to make butters and balms. My husband and two grown daughters are some of my best customers and keep my busy formulating and making these natural balms.

What about the organic mission inspires you?
I love nature and the outdoors. After spending time in Northern Canada one summer while my husband was attending a French class, I became aware of the clean air and land up there. The population there was very sparce. I remember seeing someone throwing out an empty can in the wilderness, and thought about how quickly this beautiful land could become spoiled. That opened up an awareness of our land and the need to nuture it for future generations.

What’s your current project?
At this time, I am working on propagating herbs for the spring and summer season. Our gardens are full of chamomile and calendula right now. We grow these during our winter months, because it is so hot during our summers. My English Lavenders are growing and the cuttings have rooted. Our climate is far from the best for growing lavender, but I still have enough plants and love to harvest it! I almost have enough chamomile and calendula to start my solar infusions in organic virgin olive oil.

Where your products can be found: We have an herb festival in early May and we have our herb plants and soaps for sale there. My Etsy shop is very new and it can be found at We also have a web site:

Blog :


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Shop Name:
A little about you: I am a Mom, a Wife, a Small Business owner and a Mean Green Crafting Machine!

A little about your products: My products are for the whole home and family including a wide range of Baby Products, Bedding, Kitchen and Winter Gear etc.
What about the organic mission inspires you?: I believe in Organic because I believe in the health of my family and the planet.

What's your current project: My newest lines Soylicious and Crisp Cotton are currently being released. Soylicious is a luxurious combination of Soy and Organic Cotton including Fitted Crib Sheets, Receiving Blankets and Bummy Wipes. The Crisp Cotton Collection is 100% Organic Cotton and includes Fitted Crib Sheets, Flat Crib Sheets, Pillow Cases and Fitted Single Sheets.

Where your products can be found: or