Sunday, September 28, 2008


Shop Name: herbanlifestyle

A little about you: Back in the late 1990s/early 2000s, I had a handcrafted
herbal bath and body product business in New England. I sold my all-natural
lotions, masques, balms and oils at my local farmers market, as well as through
my (primitive by today's standards) online store. I delighted in the process
of creating new products, and I took great pleasure in learning about the
aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils and the healing properties of

Then one day, I took a position in NYC, which made my days very long. I soon
found that I had little time for my business. So, reluctantly, I let it go. But
I never let go of my herbal habit. I loved the process, and continued to
make bath and body products for myself, family and friends.

I live in the DC area, working as a wellness consultant and Reiki practitioner.
After 10 years of self-study in aromatherapy and herbalism, I began formal
herbalism studies early this year, and it occurred to me that this would be a
great time to re-start my herbal bath and body product business. So, after
several months of planning and formulating, in August I launched my new love
child 'Herban Lifestyle'.

A little about your products: My products contain pure oils, essential oils and
herbs, which are either certified organic, or pesticide-free/chemical-free.
They are handcrafted in small batches using natural and organic ingredients,
pure-essential oils, earth-friendly packaging, and made with Love and
Gratitude! Currently, I offer a range of bath salts, bath/massage oils, lip
balms and body balms.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: Natural living has been a way of life for me as long as I can remember, and I am so happy to see the recent
paradigm shift that has opened up tons of new choices in terms of access to
organic products. It's great to see that people are making the connection
between their consumer habits, their health and the environment. I like knowing
that I am part of this movement to improve the quality of life for all living
beings. Plus, I've always felt that organic foods, body products, clothes,
etc. smell better, feel better, taste better!

What's your current project: I'm working on a line of dream pillows with a
fellow Estyan who does fabric art. Stay tuned!

Where your products can be found:


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick, fall EOT promo swap!

I will be hosting a promo swap for members of the EtsyOrganicTeam. There's been some interest expressed on the flickr group, but I thought I'd put up an official entry.

First, a note. This will be a US-based swap, to make things easier in terms of organizing and making sure that no one's promo packs get confiscated by customs. brendaml mentioned that she'd be interested in sending promos to members outside of New Zealand, but she agreed that it would be easier to do on an individual basis -- at least, for the moment.

Instructions for this trade:

1. Send in only promos for your organic stores. Other included, non-organic shop promos will be returned to you.

2. Please include $5 for return shipping. These will be sent in Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes to minimize shipping costs. If it turns out that we don't have many participants, I will send them First Class and include excess postage. Please DO NOT send printable labels through PayPal, as these are only good when mailed from your location. Contact me if you'd like to pay for postage through PayPal or RME.

3. Keep in mind that the promos you mail in will be divided up among the participants. Currently NINE people have expressed interest. I will keep you updated on those numbers.

4. I will begin packing promos as I receive them and will be sending out everyone's envelopes on 17 October (changed to compensate for Columbus Day). That's three full weeks to get them to me for this quick trade before the holidays.

5. Contact me through the etsy convo system or email me at fluffnflowers [at] gmail [dot] com for address information.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Shop Name: turtleparktots

A little about you: My name is Jennifer and I'm a work at home momma of two beautiful boys ages 14 months and 3 1/2 years. I have been sewing forever and I started to make baby accessories after the birth of my first son. In January I decided to stay at home with my baby boy and make my love for sewing and passion for fabric into a business.

A little about your products: Turtle Park Tots is a line of handmade, modern and functional accessories for momma and tot. I have recently introduced the Green Tots(tm) line of organic baby accessories. This line features beautiful organic fabric from Harmony Art and the highest quality organic cotton fleece and terry cloth. Currently, the Green Tots(tm) line includes organic changing pads, bibs and burp cloth sets. More organic accessories are in the works.

All Turtle Park Tots/Green Tots items are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and using the highest quality designer fabrics. All Turtle Park Tots accessories are double and topstitched for durability and longevity.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: The health of my babies and the health of the Earth. There are far too many chemicals in our environment much of which we really know nothing about. I've worked hard to create a "chemical free" environment in my house. Whenever possible we purchase organic food/milk, non-toxic/organic cleansers/soaps and other household products (especially diapers). We are also avid recyclers and composters.

I'm now extending this to my business by using Gerber(tm) certified organic cloth diapers in all the Messy Baby! Burp Cloth Sets and by creating the Green Tots(tm) line of accessories which offers organic versions of the already well established Turtle Park Tots baby accessories.
What's your current project: I'm in the process of expanding the Green Tots(tm) line of accessories. I'm adding more fabric choices and designing new products.
Where your products can be found: Organic Green Tots(tm) accessories can be found at, (Australia), (US) and (Europe).

Organic fabric choices featured by the Green Tots(tm) line can be found at


Thursday, September 18, 2008


A great new treasury by brendaml! Click the picture to go to and comment. :)

The numbers are in!

Etsy Organic Team has a brand new, official slogan:

Earth Friendly and Fabulous!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Promote your organic shop!

TickledPinkKnits was kind enough to share two great ways to promote your Etsy Organic shop on the flickr group, and I thought I'd include them here.

EcoBunga - a directory of "Green"-themed giveaways, contests, deals and discounts. They accept relevant discount/contest listings from companies (including small businesses, I assume) right via the website (link below). If you make eco-friendly products and have a sale or a giveaway going on, this may be a great vehicle to help you spread the word about it.

WhiteApricot - White Apricot is a website and online newsletter that is your “go to” place for the latest trends, news and information on eco fashion, organic skin care and natural cosmetics, as well as other cool eco and socially conscious products and services to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Shop Name: Mama Love Perfume

A little about you: I make my living partially as a spiritual counselor and healer with my partner Paul and do my Mama Love Perfume business “on the side.” Although, to tell you the truth, some months it’s been the other way around!

I’ve always been drawn to plants and flowers. As a kid I used to spend hours in the woods gathering leaves and berries, mashing them up, and pretending to be a Native American medicine woman (this is true!). Now I make healing formulas for real. My first Mama Love perfumes came as a result of an emotional crisis I was in. I made them for myself and they helped! They’re not strictly “perfumes” at all--they’re spiritually guided formulas combining principles of flower essence therapy and aromatherapy made for emotionally healing purposes. But I believe smelling good makes healing fun so I decided to create something people would really like to use (whether they believe in the spiritually-guided part or not).

A little about your products:
I sell 90-100% organic flower essence and aromatherapy formulas in the form of perfumes, bath, body and massage oils, and skin cream (other products are sure to come.) I also sell books I've written and artwork related to flowers, healing and nature.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: Everything! I believe we’re paying for the damage we’ve done to the planet and to ourselves in so many ways--chemical sensitivities, climate change, sick and dying bees, and worse things predicted to come. I’m not a zealot when it comes to organic but I make it a priority to make kinder choices for the planet in the products I create and in my life in general whenever possible.

What's your current project:
Finding a place to live and a way to pay for it. My current and very unusual situation is shifting out from under us and we need to move without adequate means to do it. If someone reading this has a house to offer and a job to help pay for it we have a lot to offer! Contact us via email or convo through etsy, our blogs or any website below and we’ll be glad to talk it over!
Where your products can be found:
  • Retail stores in Santa Cruz, Big Sur and here and there across the country



Our Spiritual Counseling and Healing Website: