Sunday, November 9, 2008


Shop Name: Rosebud Organics

A little about you: I'm a work at home Mommy with a 15 month old baby girl and one on the way. My husband and I are in an organic folk rock band called The Art of Whimsy, so we're on the road a lot, but I always make sure to bring a craft bag along. I absolutely love letting the creative juices flow in crafty, expressive ventures. My shop focuses on baby attire, but I also love photography, watercolor painting, collages, scrapbooking and finding ways to use up all the knick knacks I can't help but collect. (I just started a yarn jar for small peices of yarn that I know I'll find a good use for someday...)

A little about your products: My items are all organic, and mostly geared towards babies, though I have some brooches and bath items on there as well. I love embroidering and started making personalized onesies for friends' babies awhile back. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was 8, so as soon as I was pregnant with my first child I started making all sorts of little hats and things for her. The shop kind of grew from there.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: I was inspired to make my own organic baby products when I had my own little one and realized how hazardous the world can be when you're so very small. My whole lifestyle was revamped as I learned about organic living. I started out by throwing away all the cleaning products in the house and making my own. I also planted an organic garden, started composting and recycling everything (not just the bottles and cans), and started trying to support sustainable and organic companies. I hope to raise my little ones to know that God has intrusted them with the care of the earth as well. We're all in this together.

What's your current project: Where to start?! I'm currently making note cards, elf beanies, tie-dying onesies, and have a load of stuff I need to put up on etsy that I haven't put aside the time for yet.

Where your products can be found: So far my products are on etsy, occasionally on ebay, and sold at the merchandise table at The Art of Whimsy shows.



Brenda said...

Love this interview, and getting to know rosebudorganics abit more.

GreenWorks said...

Nice to find out a little bit about our team members.
You sure seem to have a busy life there rosebud!

Rosebud Organics said...

Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them :)
A Mommy's life is always busy, right?! :)