Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick, fall EOT promo swap!

I will be hosting a promo swap for members of the EtsyOrganicTeam. There's been some interest expressed on the flickr group, but I thought I'd put up an official entry.

First, a note. This will be a US-based swap, to make things easier in terms of organizing and making sure that no one's promo packs get confiscated by customs. brendaml mentioned that she'd be interested in sending promos to members outside of New Zealand, but she agreed that it would be easier to do on an individual basis -- at least, for the moment.

Instructions for this trade:

1. Send in only promos for your organic stores. Other included, non-organic shop promos will be returned to you.

2. Please include $5 for return shipping. These will be sent in Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes to minimize shipping costs. If it turns out that we don't have many participants, I will send them First Class and include excess postage. Please DO NOT send printable labels through PayPal, as these are only good when mailed from your location. Contact me if you'd like to pay for postage through PayPal or RME.

3. Keep in mind that the promos you mail in will be divided up among the participants. Currently NINE people have expressed interest. I will keep you updated on those numbers.

4. I will begin packing promos as I receive them and will be sending out everyone's envelopes on 17 October (changed to compensate for Columbus Day). That's three full weeks to get them to me for this quick trade before the holidays.

5. Contact me through the etsy convo system or email me at fluffnflowers [at] gmail [dot] com for address information.


BlossomingTree said...

Sounds good to me.:) Count me in.


Me to! I will convo you.