Saturday, September 6, 2008


Shop Name: Mama Love Perfume

A little about you: I make my living partially as a spiritual counselor and healer with my partner Paul and do my Mama Love Perfume business “on the side.” Although, to tell you the truth, some months it’s been the other way around!

I’ve always been drawn to plants and flowers. As a kid I used to spend hours in the woods gathering leaves and berries, mashing them up, and pretending to be a Native American medicine woman (this is true!). Now I make healing formulas for real. My first Mama Love perfumes came as a result of an emotional crisis I was in. I made them for myself and they helped! They’re not strictly “perfumes” at all--they’re spiritually guided formulas combining principles of flower essence therapy and aromatherapy made for emotionally healing purposes. But I believe smelling good makes healing fun so I decided to create something people would really like to use (whether they believe in the spiritually-guided part or not).

A little about your products:
I sell 90-100% organic flower essence and aromatherapy formulas in the form of perfumes, bath, body and massage oils, and skin cream (other products are sure to come.) I also sell books I've written and artwork related to flowers, healing and nature.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: Everything! I believe we’re paying for the damage we’ve done to the planet and to ourselves in so many ways--chemical sensitivities, climate change, sick and dying bees, and worse things predicted to come. I’m not a zealot when it comes to organic but I make it a priority to make kinder choices for the planet in the products I create and in my life in general whenever possible.

What's your current project:
Finding a place to live and a way to pay for it. My current and very unusual situation is shifting out from under us and we need to move without adequate means to do it. If someone reading this has a house to offer and a job to help pay for it we have a lot to offer! Contact us via email or convo through etsy, our blogs or any website below and we’ll be glad to talk it over!
Where your products can be found:
  • Retail stores in Santa Cruz, Big Sur and here and there across the country



Our Spiritual Counseling and Healing Website:


maurac said...

Good luck with finding a house and job- not easy I know.

Have used flower essences before and they really do work! When I move to your side of the pond I'll try yours out.

SpaGoddess said...

Mama Love is wonderful. I love my Trusting Inner Guidance perfume from her and look forward to trying more of her creations in the future:)