Saturday, February 7, 2009


Shop Name: Herb Friend’s Shoppe

A little about you:
My husband and I own a small herb nursery and pecan business called Gabrielle Acres Farm. My interest in herbs began many years ago and has grown constantly. I love nature and natural things and have always had a great interest in soapmaking. Four years ago, after an accident at our local farmers’ market, I begin to realize how important it is in life to accomplish the things that you dream about. I began my soapmaking career using organically grown herbs in my soaps.

A little about your products:
My soaps are made with the finest vegatable oils and butters with an interest in using more that are certified organic. All herbs are grown organically. During the summer months, we follow organic methods in growing vegtables. I love making my cucumber mint soap with my fresh cucumbers from our garden.

I also love to infuse my herbs in oils and use these to make butters and balms. My husband and two grown daughters are some of my best customers and keep my busy formulating and making these natural balms.

What about the organic mission inspires you?
I love nature and the outdoors. After spending time in Northern Canada one summer while my husband was attending a French class, I became aware of the clean air and land up there. The population there was very sparce. I remember seeing someone throwing out an empty can in the wilderness, and thought about how quickly this beautiful land could become spoiled. That opened up an awareness of our land and the need to nuture it for future generations.

What’s your current project?
At this time, I am working on propagating herbs for the spring and summer season. Our gardens are full of chamomile and calendula right now. We grow these during our winter months, because it is so hot during our summers. My English Lavenders are growing and the cuttings have rooted. Our climate is far from the best for growing lavender, but I still have enough plants and love to harvest it! I almost have enough chamomile and calendula to start my solar infusions in organic virgin olive oil.

Where your products can be found: We have an herb festival in early May and we have our herb plants and soaps for sale there. My Etsy shop is very new and it can be found at We also have a web site:

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BlossomingTree said...

Very nice interview and that's one cool looking soap in the first pic.

Soapbuddy said...

Looks good; congrats!

ecogeneration said...

I L-O-V-E her soaps. The Calendula soap is so soothing for dry skin. This interview reminded me - I need to order more. Great interview!

Gabrielle said...

I can't express how much I appreciate the kind words. Thank you so much!!

curlymonkeyandco said...

Smells good! I hearted your shop.

bananaicecream said...

Just checked out her shop and it's beautiful!!

Gabrielle said...

I am feeling so happy! Thanks!!

ecogeneration said...

I tried her Calendula soap and it's great! Congrats on the interview!

ecogeneration said...

oops......I already posted. That just goes to tell you how much I love her soap. :)

SpaGoddess said...

great interview:) and beautiful products -- that chocolate orange soap looks divine....

GreenWorks said...

I love reading these interviews and getting to know members a bit better.

Your garden sounds fab - and the mint cucumber soap sounds like it would be heaven in a shower!