Sunday, August 17, 2008


Shop Name: ecoleeko

A little about ecoleeko: Went to school for textile design, Living in Upstate NY, dealing with a historic house, raising chickens, gardening, stacking wood and Making dolls while dancing to 80s music..nice!

A little about your products:
All are Hand made made of Eco friendly materials like organic cotton/hemp and bamboo fleece. I make plush dolls and soft baby rattles along with some bath mittens. I hand dye and print all fabrics to make them colorful and fun, then stitch with organic cotton thread. I only use all natural fillings such as kapok fiber and buckwheat hulls.

What about the organic mission inspires you?: Just feeling good that I am offering a great product made from all natural materials and I'm having fun doing it.

What's your current project: Currently working on learning to do wholesale, marketing and possibly designing some new toys more for boys..might bring in my husband to help.
Where your products can be found: at of course, and my website at are also sold at some stores now..yeah!




These toys are adorable, and would be perfect gifts for my grandkids. Their parents insist on natural toys, no plastic for them. Organic is even better.

GreenWorks said...

Great finding out more about the members.

Your toys are adorable btw.

Sounds like you have a great lifestyle - I want chickens (and goats) some day :)

Rosebud Organics said...

Cute stuff, I wish you the best! :)