Monday, August 11, 2008


Shop Name: GreenWorks

A little about GreenWorks: There are 2 of us in GreenWorks. I'm Maura and my partner is Edijs. We both come up with idea's for designs but Edijs is the artist. He also makes the screens up but we both do the printing and I handle all the admin type work.

A little about your products: We source good quality hemp and organic cotton clothing and silk screnprint our designs onto them.

Aside from quality there are other criteria that the supplier has to meet:
  • Organic certification
  • FairTrade certification (or who can demonstrate that they trade ethically and fairly)
  • Ethical in their business practises (eg investments)
  • Local - this last one is difficult for us as there are no local Irish suppliers but we try to source as close to home as possible to minimize the environmental footprint from shipping.

When it comes to creating the designs and printing we use the latest technology - otherwise known as an ironing board to print on! lol The fabric inks we use are the most eco friendly inks available and most of the frames are old picture frames from second hand/thrift shops.

Typically we print new designs on a few different types of clothing but the bulk of our printing is custom orders. We like it that way as it's less wasteful and more personal.

What about the organic mission inspires you? Everything! We're lucky to have a great organic farmers market locally and for anyone who needs convincing that organic is better - just taste the difference. Then think how about what you've just ingested wasn't laden with pesticides. In the same way that we care about what we eat and drink we believe the clothes we wear, the personal care preparations we put on our skin, laundry and cleaning materials etc should be as pure and uncontainated as possible.

Our take on Organic is that it's about being good to the planet, the people on it and ourselves.

What's your current project: I'm re-learning sewing and have a number of recycled sewing projects I want to complete. We still have some selt belt materials that we plan to transform into wall art. Painting, trashion style creations, mosaic, making recycled paper and dying techniques are all in progress. The difficulty is getting time to complete these.- but there are great plans and idea's which would translate into another shop with the emphasis on recycling.

Where your products can be found:

We also have a website though it's not being used yet as it will house our own collection of hemp and organic clothing - some day!

We also sell some of our own products but also resell fair trade and organic at

Etc.: Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. Cree Indian Proverb


GreenWorks said...

Wow Stacy - you did us proud! Very good layout and excellent questions for a profile :)

I enjoyed doing it ... and sorry again for the typo's initially.

Many thanks

Sheila said...

This is such a great article/story. I loved reading, seeing, and learning about you and your business. I have friends in Belfast and wonder if they know of you?


Very well done greenworks. Please feel to link to my blog.

GreenWorks said...

Feel free to tell your friends about us :)

Would be neat if we knew them too.